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Mythic Deviant Podcast

Mythic Deviant: Your life is a story, might as well make it a good one. We explore the ways that stories rule our lives, and how we can use them to do the same.

Divine Comedy Overview

2018-04-18 Sea Gabriel


2017-01-30 Sea Gabriel

Happy New Year (Matchstick Girl)

2017-01-02 Sea Gabriel

Cultural Myth: Us and Them

2016-11-21 Sea Gabriel

Trickster: Monster

2016-08-10 Sea Gabriel

Trickster: Hero

2016-07-19 Sea Gabriel

Trickster: Innocuous

2016-07-11 Sea Gabriel

Love Diety, Exposed

2016-06-20 Sea Gabriel

Shapeshifter: World

2016-06-04 Sea Gabriel

Ends Justify The Means

2016-05-27 Sea Gabriel

Shapeshifter: Growth

2016-05-15 Sea Gabriel

Shapeshifter: Personal

2016-04-30 Sea Gabriel

Archetypes and Stereotypes

2016-04-18 Sea Gabriel

Mythic Deviant Intro

2016-04-18 Sea Gabriel

How to talk to toddlers about violence

2016-04-18 Sea Gabriel
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