Physical Description: Alpaca resemble small camels, with long, soft hair in a variety of colors ranging from white to dark brown or black. 

Behavior: Alpaca are heard animals who enjoy being pet, particularly on their backs, and have interesting digestion and ‘private’ behaviors. 

They have three-chambered stomachs, and ‘chew cud’, or ferment their partially digested food in their mouths through extensive re-chewing. 

Alpaca are ‘induced ovulators’, meaning the female’s fertility is dependent on external stimuli: they get pregnant pretty much every time they have sex as sex, itself, inspires ovulation. It’s like all Alpaca men are Greek Gods (who procreate every time they have intercourse).

They also use specified, gender-neutral, outdoor restrooms. Humans call them dung piles. The boys are generally tidier, as they aim for one another’s ‘creations’. The girls, however, tend to enjoy accompanying each other and having a comfy side cuddle during elimination, creating more of a trough than a pile.

Defenses: Alpaca kick predators (and other undesirables). They also ‘spit’, meaning they vomit stomach acid on their victims. When a single alpaca uses this tactic often, he or she acquires ‘sour mouth’ or a permanently open mouth with hanging lip, the result of acid burn. If you see a drunken looking alpaca, get out your rain gear.

Sounds: Alpaca are verbal folks. When content they, like me, enjoy humming. Their purr-equivalent is a clucking sound from sucking the inside of their mouths, and they communicate danger by making bray-like sounds or screaming, depending on exactly how disturbed they are and who they are communicating with (bray for the friends, screams for the foes). 

Group: Camelids

Friends and Relations: Alpaca and Camels can crossbreed. The resulting child is a ‘huarizo’.

Preditors: Anything that can take a sheep.

Prey: These fuzzy friends are vegan. We are not food to them. However, many plants are poisonous to the Alpaca. Hence, they are fussy eaters.   

Suggestions: If your path collides with an Alpaca, and you think it may mean something, consider watching your diet, having sex (and procreating), getting a back rub, or, if you identify as a woman, going to the restroom with a friend.

Relate to the Body: Digestion, Reproduction, Community

Relate to the Mind: How do we work together to do what is best for our community?

Relate to the Spirit: There’s power and inspiration in like-minded groups. Especially when they’re fuzzy.

Relate to the Feelings: Spend time with friends. Imagine how you might best contribute to, participate in, and be supported by, a group. Remember spitting burns you as well as the other person.

Examples In Story: Aerion

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