Mythic Deviant

Myths: their contexts and deviations.

The best thing anyone ever said to me:

The best thing I ever heard was meant as a dire warning. I offer an extended version as a blessing.

During your life, you will lose everything. It may be when you’re old. It may be when you’re young. It may go quickly. It may go slowly. But it will go: you will lose everything.

But you’ll be ok. Just don’t let it make you bitter.

When you hold something beautiful in your eye, or in your hand, or in your heart, know that you will be all right when you inevitably lose it. And until that moment, love it with everything you’ve got, so you can feel fulfilled when the time comes to let it go.

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Welcome to Sum:1

Our stories create our realities.As humans, we are the only creatures (that we know of) who walk around (yes, I did just eliminate dolphins) with a memory of the past and a vision of the future. We are constantly spread over time. Sure, we can meditate or practice mindfulness and bring more of our life into our lives, but time travel i...


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